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Gold Standards in European Cancer Care

Following the European Breast Cancer Conference in Florence in 1998, a working party was established to consider what should comprise a Europe-wide, high quality, specialist breast service.

The "Requirements of a specialist breast unit", published in 2000, represents EUSOMA's opinion on the standards for forming high quality breast cancer units across Europe.

Many factors were taken into consideration in forming these guidelines, including the size of the centre, the core team, the facilities, the services offered by the centre and much more.

In 2013 Eusoma has published the revised version of the "Requirements of a specialist breast centre".

We hope that the resulting gold standards in breast cancer care will lead to improvement in the diagnosis, treatment and care of women with breast cancer throughout Europe.

For detailed information you can view, download and print the revised version of requirements of a specialist breast centre.  

Umberto Veronesi Milan Breast Cancer Conference. 22nd-23rd June 2017, Milan, Italy

Umberto Veronesi
Milan Breast Cancer Conference
22nd-23rd June 2017
Milan, Italy

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