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Data Centre

Eusoma has created in 2006 a central data warehouse of prospectively collected information (eusomaDB) that includes individual records on primary breast cancer cases diagnosed and treated in the European Breast Centres that, within the certification process, have provided data to Eusoma according to the society requirements.

EusomaDB is accessible on the web by registered users and includes in excess of 200,000 cases from around 50 European Breast Centres from 13 countries. It collects up to 166 variables by patient record, including patient and tumor characteristics, information about preoperative workup, multidisciplinary approach and follow up data. The web system offers analysis functions, including the calculation of Eusoma quality indicators (Biganzoli L et al Quality indicators in breast cancer care: An update from the EUSOMA working group, Eur Journal of Cancer vol. 86, 59-81, 2017). 

As well as for quality assurance and certification, eusomaDB is used for research projects. Contributing Breast Centres convene in meetings aimed at improving the completeness and quality of data, discussing current issues on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and going through any organizational or scientific aspects related to the Breast Centre daily work. In the same meetings, ideas for data analysis and research are put forward.

Eusoma datacentre, carries out activities on check and approval of the Audit questionnaires filled in by the Breast Centres and validation of the database in use. Eusoma DB yearly prepares breast centres data reports and supports Breast Centres and data managers to develop quality control.

Certified Breast Centres will be part of the Eusoma Breast Centres Network.

For information please contact: information@eusoma.org