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Cynthia Aristei (Treasurer)

University General Hospital
Sant'andrea Delle Fratte
06100 Perugia, ITALY


Cynthia Aristei, a member of EUSOMA for many years and of its Executive Committee since 2020, is Full Professor of Radiation Oncology in the Department of Medicine and Surgery in the University of Perugia, Italy and Head of the Radiation Oncology Unit at Perugia General Hospital.
She graduated in Medicine in 1982, later specializing in Oncology (1985), Radiotherapy (1989) and Hematology (1994). She achieved the “Certificat d’Université de Pathologie du Sein” (1985) at the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, France.
Breast cancer is her main field of interest. She headed the Breast Cancer Study Group in the Italian Association of Radiation and Clinical Oncologists (AIRO), contributing to the publication of guidelines and stimulating participation in cooperative studies on breast cancer. In the Perugia Radiation Oncology Unit she has set up a highly specialized breast cancer team comprising medical, technical and nursing personnel, psycho-oncologists, music therapists and so forth. The medical staff is dedicated not only to all clinical aspects of the disease but also to advancing radiotherapy techniques.
Cynthia Aristei has published 232 papers in international peer reviewed journals on radiation oncology, ranging recently from topics such as total marrow/total nodal irradiation for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation to gynecological tumors. She has written chapters in books on cancer therapy and is a reviewer of several scientific journals. She has been presenting her research findings at Italian and International Conferences for almost 30 years and has engaged in organizing meetings like the European Consensus Conference on Rectal Cancer and Italo-French joint encounters on Breast Cancer. Together with Philip Poortmans and Vincenzo Valentini, she is Scientific Organizer of the successful “Assisi Think Tank Meetings” (ATTM) a brainstorming project which involves European radiation and clinical oncologists as well as others who are active in the field of breast cancer. The ATTMs provide a thorough insight into selected topics via presentations, in-depth discussions and white papers. Endorsed by ESTRO (European Society for RadioTherapy & Oncology) and AIRO (Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology) and organized under the Patronage of EUSOMA, the ATTMs have grown in popularity and prestige since the first edition in 2016. The fifth edition will be held in February 2024. 
She is a member of international societies such as ASTRO, ASCO, ESTRO.

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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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C. Aristei
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