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Data Centre and Certification

Eusoma plays a crucial role in Breast Centres Certification procedure (based on Eusoma guidelines "The requirements of a specialist breast centre" The Breast, Volume 51, P65-84, June 01, 2020. Open Access Published: March 24, 2020).

As foreseen by Breast Centres Certification procedure, the database in use at the Breast Centre has to be validated by Eusoma datacentre before starting the procedure, on the basis of a successful data upload showing correct calculation of the indicators and data completeness. Once the database validation has been completed, the Breast Centre has two years to apply for Breast Centre Certification otherwise the database validation has to be repeated.

Breast Centres are also requested to make a yearly data upload to Eusoma datacentre regarding the whole calendar year prior the date of the audit (both in case of Initial, Surveillance or Renewal Audit).

Eusoma datacentre performs the data analysis and produces a data report, which will be used for Certification purposes.