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White Paper on a new collaborative Initiative to Improve Breast Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Care Across Europe

The "Transforming Breast Cancer Together" initiative was established when influential policy makers and organizations strongly committed to cancer care began to collaborate following a poignant cancer care event on 8 November 2017, hosted by Elena Gentile (S&D) and Lieve Wierinck (ALDE), Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce the societal impact of breast cancer by elevating it as a health policy priority in order to improve breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and care across Europe.

The initiative is driven by a group that currently includes also Eusoma as stakeholder.

The "Transforming Breast Cancer Together" group published a "Call for Change", to increase the understanding of the daily realities of living with breast cancer in Europe and ensure policymaking reflects both the individual and the societal disease burden.

Further information on this initiative can be downloaded here.